Cooking Lesson

After we have prepared the dishes, we'll eat them...

Cooking class will start at 9,30AM and should end up around 3,00PM.
Meeting point is in Hotel Villa San Donino, where we have a cappuccino and I explain you a bit about Italian cuisine and what’s behind it.
It is a full hand on experience, in my restaurant kitchen.

I usually have a maximum of 6 – 10 people. Sometimes i group different people to reach this limit. If you don’t want to group with other people, please tell me so, but the prices will raise.

In my cooking class you will learn:

  • Antipasti – assortment of finger food and various typical dishes
  • Primi Piatti – handmade pasta, one risotto, at times we make both
  • Main courses with side dish
  • Dessert

I will combine the wine, or otherwise, we have a good selections of wines, you will pay a raw cost.
No one has ever complained about the wines anyway.
The dishes we’ll make will be based on what is available on the market at the moment. After we have prepared the dishes, we’ll eat them leisurely at my table, no rush, chatting comfortably until we are tired or until there is no more laughing.


Number of Guests Price in € (IVA 10% includes)

  • from 2 to 6 guests: € 550,00
  • 7 to 12 guests: € 680,00
  • over 13 guests: € 26,00 each (+540,00)

Including paperwork, food, lunch, local wines, all the beverages, coffee or tea.
Please note that these prices haven’t been raised in the last 4 years, let’s say i am already discounting by NOT raising the prices.

The shopping is done in the same spaces i use from my everyday shopping, most times that not the merchants will want to know what we’re cooking and will chat.

The classes are usually very funny and, as one “student” says before, they are informal but real classes, everybody will be asked to join, but no one will upset if you choose to just look.

Lunch usually starts around 1,30PM, I will not rush it up, actually, we usually have very interesting conversations around the table, in real Italian style. We usually finish at about 4, but if we take more time chatting and having fun, hey, who’s going to complain?

Private classes are not common but in that case the cost is 225 € per person. By Private classes i mean classes in which you decide to be alone and  have no other “classmates” and you are a maximum of 3 people.
If the private class is composed of only one person, cost is 500 €.

Special classes can be arranged all pasta, all risotto, all fish, beefsteaks etc.  In this case these are considered special and prices will have to be arranged aside

To discover more information and particular deals require to: contact us