The Restaurant

Open to all . We would like to use as possible fresh ingredients and top quality and we change the menu depending on what is available .

Our goal is not to feed the people , but serve a meal that our guests will not forget . We want the customer to come home , in your city and you speak of Villa San Donino

Fine cuisine and high quality allows you to enjoy the traditional flavours of our land, not to mention national and international specialities and the table is enriched immediately warm freshly baked bread from the kitchen.
Our Chefs are inspired by fine food and wine productsof our company agricultural reworked with finesse and creativity by creating unique dishes and healthy for different occasions.

Attentive service, bride professionalism and discretion while maintaining a warm family environment. Made pasta, fresh fish or Chianina beef cooked properly and sprayed with extra virgin olive oil of our estate, are accompanied by a selection of wines curated by our sommelier.
For lovers and connoisseurs of dairy products are available variety of goats, fresh and aged cheeses produced locally, combined with different types of honey and mustard strictly made by us.

Our desserts, all made at home, are a delight aromas and flavours, which are enhanced by spirits of great value, whiskey and cognac, calvados and armagnac ….
If you want, you can also eat by the pool.

Requests Special Diets

Whatever your habits when it comes to food, the restaurant “Villa San Donino” we will not be caught by surprise.
Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, whether you need to follow a diet for celiac, diabetic or simply a low-calorie diet, our staff will be able to offer a menu that suits your needs, creating dishes tailored able to reconcile health and palate.

For Children

Even parents often have difficulty to guess the tastes of their children.
We are committed particularly to create special menus and make the meal of your children a joyous occasion.
The menu provides healthy meals and balanced, but proposed in a fun way, in the form of “food-play.” Do not be surprised, therefore, if your child will ask you another helping!
We guarantee success, we ensure maximum commitment, imagination and…savings!